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Better Kid Care
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Center for Early Learning Professionals: (RIELDS)
     RI Early Learning and Development Standards

Visit this site to sign up for mandated RIELDS Foundations Courses and Classroom center courses (Infant/ Toddler, Preschool) ALL Teachers must complete RIELDS Foundations.


This site will allow you to not only purchase courses to complete Professional Development, but you can also complete an online Associates in Early Childhood Education!

These are to be completed with Director every 6 months to continue staff plans for improvement in your position. These are submitted along with classroom binders for review.

The Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) form helps early learning educators create IPDPs for their professional growth and improvement. IPDPs include specific, concrete professional development goals based on an educator’s own self-reflection of her current knowledge and competencies in the six domains of Rhode Island’s Workforce Knowledge and Competency Frameworks (WKCs) for early learning educators.

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Before initial day of employment, this checklist must be completed in full with all required documents.

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All accidents must be reported immediately to the Director. Accident(s) reports must be written, signed by me, given to parents, and copied for the child’s file. Any and ALL head/facial injuries must be reported to the Director, AND parent MUST BE CALLED FOR DISMISSAL FOR CARE. Close supervision of children is the best anecdote to accidents. Use risk management to keep the environment safe and hazard free.  Bambini Academy strives to provide the best in equipment, that is kept maintained, and in overall good working conditions, so all children will be safe in the classroom or playground areas.  Safety is a joint effort of all staff and employees requiring all of us to become risk managers.

Classroom Boards
–                 A class theme board should be changed monthly displaying an artistic layout of the season, holiday, class project, or a display of classroom unity. (we are a smart bunch- with a big bag of apples with children's names in each apple for example)
–                 Your sign in and sign out sheet parent board should be updated when needed. Please use this board to summarize things that were worth sharing from the day and any major notices.
–                 Also, please make sure to complete daily reports each day to ensure that parents know the overall day their child had.  This will be set as a connection piece to allow parents to ask their children how their day was and to know what fun activities they have been engaged in.

Fire Drills- When the alarm sounds, exit accordingly:
INFANT/YEARLING- out through infant doors, through play yard gate
TODDLERS- First to line up at P4 door/ out and across road to grassy area
PRESCHOOL- Out of front door, across road to grassy area, prop door open to allow access to firefighters
Count children and once Vanessa is outside, she will re count to make sure all are accounted for.

Lesson Plans with Monthly calendar should be submitted by the 15 of each month. These calendars and newsletters should be emailed to me at so I may review and make changes to any curriculum to meet the center requirements.
Please restock and resupply your classroom making sure we have the ample basic supplies. See storage areas for materials to use to restock.

Nightly Cleaning Sheets must be completed and should be displayed in your classroom with a dry erase marker for you to check off.  If trash is left, sign ins not flipped, areas are messy, toys just thrown on shelves, or tables are not clean, a warning will be given and a written write up will be given after second offense. I will start a walk through before the usual cleaning at night that my mother and I perform. Classroom checklists must be completed each night. If classrooms are not “ready for the next day” a verbal notice will be given.  Written will follow if not corrected.
Bathrooms-Please sign off on your bathroom cleaning day.  Toilets should be sprayed and wiped with bleach, and bowl cleaned with cleaner and brush, trash emptied, sinks cleaned, and mirror wiped down. Lastly, Swiffer floor


Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards

Workforce Knowledge and Competency Frameworks for Early Care and Education Professionals

Department of Human Services/ DCYF Child Care Licensing Regulations

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